Known Typos in Publications

Corrections of typos in
Economic Models of Climate Change: A Critique


  1.   In equation (2.2) on page 33, the subscripts k and j were mistakenly reversed in the
    denominator. This equation should read as follows:


  2. On page 64, the 4th line after equation (3.4), the text mistakenly says “1 - \beta” instead
    of “\beta - 1”. This line should read as follows:
    “inflation ratio.” (The ordinary “rate of inflation” is \beta - 1.) If the good
  3. On page 106, 4th line from the top, the word “be” should be inserted after the word
    “may”. The line should read as follows:
    this area. It may be recalled that Solow’s seminal article [1957, p. 312]


Correction of typo in “Rational Expectations and Learning from Experience”


  1. \varphi^3_1 rather than \varphi^e_1



These are the only typos I know about at this time. Please inform me if you are aware of
any others. Thanks.