Books and Papers

"Modeling Technological Change in Energy Demand Forecasting: A Generalized Approach" (with John A. "Skip" Laitner) Technological Forecasting and Social Change 55, 1997


Conventional economic modeling of energy demand has characterized technological choice as an investment decision driven primarily by the relationship between capital costs and operating costs. Yet the implementation of this approach has tended to yield unrealistically high estimates of the implicit discount rate governing...

"Accumulation and Discrimination in the Postbellum South" Explorations in Economic History 16, 1979


Economic inequality between blacks and whites in the postbellum South can be attributed to two factors: racial discrimination and the absence of any redistribution of tangible wealth to accompany emancipation. This paper shows that the freedmen's initial lack of property was the most important cause of race-related income differences. The initial wealth gap between...